Who we are


We are a company specialized in incentive and loyalty programs, we design integral and self-liquidated proposals that help our clients to exceed their goals.



To be the leaders among Incentive Program Companies, with innovative proposals, taylor made for each client, exceeding their goals, and leaving their participants loyal and satisfied.
We are looking for
long term and profitable relationship for both; our client and Avove Target, which enables us to impact in a positive way on the communities in which we particpate, improving the quality of life of our collaborators, and taking care of the environment, through an ethical management for the sake of the common good.


To be in the mind of companies that require incentive programs, as well as to attract specialized talent on the topic and being the number 1 option for working at. We are looking forward of being among the first places in our suppliers ranking, for being their best business commercial partners (top 10).
To have the higher number of success stories in persons and communities attended by
Above Target.