Our Values

 Client oriented:

This implies a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations, and such a specialization in our business that allows us to have the needed flexibility to satisfy those needs and expectations no mater the robust of our systems or processes.









By rejecting and denouncing any insinuation of corruption








The ability of respond for all our duties: commercial, social, environmental, labor, tax.



compromiso  Commitment

  • With our clients by looking at their goals and projects as our own.

  • With our collaborators by having working conditions that let them have good quality of life

  • With our suppliers looking for a mutually beneficial relationship that allows us to satisfy the needs of our clients.

  • With our shareholders giving them a proper return on their investment.

  • With the community participating in associations and projects of positive social impact.

  • With the environment by the proper use of resources and the continous search for efficiencies in this area

  • With our country by the fair and timely payment of our contributions to fund capital expenditure, and by the economic flow to be done toward collaborators, suppliers and shareholders, who in turn put them into circulation, achieving by the multiplier effect, to improve the population’s life conditions (common good).




by being clear and transparent in all our actions.






Giving everyone (collaborators, suppliers, community, shareholders, creditors, government, etc) what is due.







  • For all the people with whom we have contact (in or out of the company) recognizing their human dignity and their right to a life of quality.

  • For the institutions we work with recognizing that they can have different objectives than ours, and that it is both parties decision to work mutually and with cordiality.

  • For the communities on which we operate recognizing that a positive work with them from our part, besides giving benefits to them, will give benefits to us

  • For the environment looking for efficiencies in the use of resources and materials.