Our Incentive Programs


 An incentive program is a tool  designed to change the behavior of its participants, getting them to achieve the results, to perform the actions, and to show the attitudes that the company needs to achieve its goals.






Reasons to make a incentive program

  • Improve sales.
  • Improve quality.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase market share.
  • To win the loyalty of customers and consumers.
  • Improve the moral.
  • Embrace better work habits.
  • Improve security.
  • Reduce absence and staff turnover.





  • Improve cycle times.
  • Create or reward loyalty to the brand.
  • Reward the seniority of the employees.
  • Introducing a new product.
  • Improve the environmental impact of the company.
  • Improve the health and habits of the staff.
  • Meet the strategic indicators of the balance scorecard.
  • And a long etcetera.




ROI based Incentive Programs

At Above Target we have an Incentive Program design methodology that allows us to measure the financial impact of our programs, i.e. the amount of money generated by the incentive program.

By comparing this financial benefit generated by the incentive program against its cost, we can calculate the net profit of the incentive program as well as its return on the investment.






Integral proposals

In Above Target we take care of the whole incentive program:

  • Analysis of the current situation.
  • Goal Settings.
  • Audience Identification
  • Program Structure.
  • Rules Design.
  • Theme or concept.
  • Award Selection.
  • Communication Materials.








  • Websites.
  • Budget.
  • Return on the Investment.
  • Fulfillment.
  • Delivery Tracking.

Feedback to the client with information of business intelligence derived from the incentive program.With this we release time to our clients executives so they can focus in other projects.




"Every Accomplishment starts


with the decision to try"